Sankara Schools

Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)

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Secondary and Senior Secondary

  • 1 School timings: 8.30am to 3.25pm.
  • 2 All students should appear in the school uniform. On Mondays, the students of Std VI-XII should wear the house uniform. On other days they should wear the grey uniform. Students should ensure their uniforms are clean and pressed. Only black shoes are permitted. They must wear their identity cards to school everyday.
  • 3 Students must be inside the school premises ten minutes before the first bell. Perfect silence must prevail during Assembly Prayer and at all school functions. Late-comers will wait outside and they should bring a letter of excuse or explanation.
  • 4 The classrooms and the school premises in general should be kept neat and tidy. Scribbling on walls, scattering bits or paper, damaging the furniture and the school property etc., are strictly forbidden. Anyone causing any such damage will have to make good the loss either by compensation or by replacement.
  • 5 Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to the school. Violation will lead to a fine of Rs.1000/-.
  • 6 In case of medical emergency the student will be given first aid in the school medical room under the Apollo Shine Programme.
  • 7 Discipline In case of reported misconduct, the following steps will be taken by school in the first instance of minor misconduct, the student will be counselled by the principal or vice principal. The student will be warned in case the misconduct is repeated. In the third instance of misconduct the student will be issued a disciplinary slip and the matter will be brought to the notice of the parents. On the receipt of three disciplinary slips, the student will be suspended for a period of three days. If the disciplinary issue is major the matter would be at once brought to the notice of parents.
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