Sankara Schools

Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)

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Attendance on re-opening days after terminal and annual holidays is compulsory. No student shall absent himself/herself without obtaining prior sanction of leave from the class teacher except in the cases of unforeseen circumstances. In such cases the application for leave shall be sent to the class teacher on the first day of their presence.

Application for leave of absence shall be made on behalf of pupil by his/her parent or guardian and addressed to the teacher if it is not exceeding two days and to the principal if it is a longer period.

Students applying for sick leave should produce a medical certificate.

Every student shall attend the school for not less than 85% of the working days in a school year. Any breach of this rule may disqualify a pupil from being promoted to the higher class or being sent for public examinations.

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